Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Glass Menagerie

I am going to continue with The Glass Menagerie as inspiration for a few weeks into November.  I think many of the words go along perfectly with what I have been doing over the past few months and are great art and design ideas.    

"I was pursued by something....Perhaps, it was a familar bit of music.  Perhaps, it was only a piece of transparent glass." 

Below....I found the desk for about $30 at a thrift store and it was green, the finish was very 90's.  I added decorative molding to the drawers and aluminum leaved the desk for a new finish.  The finish a reflective like glass...."a piece of transparent glass".


Below....is a window frame with glass that my neighbor had out for trash.  It creates a great visual piece on my wall and once again refers to "transparent glass".  I have always been attracted to old windows and doors for art and decoration.    

  Below...A photograph that I took of an old door from my house that
  was hanging in my garage.  I call it, "Rusty Chipped Knob". 

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