Wednesday, July 18, 2012


When I go furniture shopping for something to fix up, I look for a good price.  If it catches me eye and most of the time something that I think is just "wrong" or "needs a little help" catches me eye.....and if the price is right (cheap)...I buy it!

I went looking for some chairs last week and found these great chairs from one of my favorite stores to go to in the Heights.  I went right before closing time and before the owner wanted to leave for a tennis game.  My luck because he was ready to go!  I negotiated the chairs down 30% off his original offer.  I had a vision for these chairs...but, they looked pretty sorry....and I am a business lady...gotta think in terms of profit.  The manufacturer is Stonehill and the sticker is still on one of the chairs....really cool retro logo.....btw, I love logos!
Here are the chairs before I worked on them....
I couldn't decide which print to go with, but I ended up doing a light blue and white colorway inspired by one of my branch photos...and I refinished them in an ebony stain.   I covered the seats so, that there would be a left and right chair.  The main circle design is one the left of one chair and right of the other.....very retro in design-if you ask me!  See below...Just love them!

P.S. I am going to add some better photos, but I just could not wait to post these fabulous chairs!